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Cuisine of West Bengal

Fish and rice are the main ingredients that typically describe the cuisine of West Bengal. Yet that doesn’t mean there is nothing more to the state. The people here also eat a variety of vegetables that are grown there in suitable weather conditions.  

The main ingredient of the meals of the native people here is fish, cooked in different varieties. It is steamed, fried or stewed with a variety of different vegetables and also boiled with spices to add a unique flavor to the dish. Mustard oil is the all time favorite medium of cooking in the Bengali cuisine. Panchphoran is a spice that is very common and widely used in this state’s cuisine. Panchphoran is a blend of five basic spices namely aniseed, mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed and black cumin seed. 

The state is also fond of sweets and curds making them a tradition through out the state. It is believed that a meal without a sweet or curd normally is incomplete. Sweet delicacies of this state are enjoyed and relished by all around the country. An aspect that makes Bengali food unique and different from the rest of the country is the fact that the Bengalis love to experiment with different cultures and try out new ways of cooking. 

Other famous cuisines of the state include Rassagolla (cottage cheese in sweet syrup), Sondesh, Began Bhaja, Luchi, Machcher Jhol, Doi Machch (sea food), Mishti Doi (sweetened curd) and Kosha Mangsho.



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