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Geography of Tripura


Tripura is mainly a hilly territory with altitudes varying from 50 to 3080 ft above sea level, though the major population of the state lives in the plains. The state lies approximately between latitude 22o56' and 24o32' north and longitude 91o10' and 92  21' east. (Interactive map of Tripura)

It is located in the Bio-geographic zone of 9B-North-East Hills and possesses an extremely rich bio-diversity. The local flora and faunal components of Indo-Malayan and Indo-Chinese sub-regions. There are 379-species of trees, 320-shrubs, 581-herbs, 165-climbers, 16-climbing shrubs, 35-fernsa and 45-epiphytes.

From the east the principal hill ranges are the Jampoi, Sakham Tlang, Langtarai, Athara Mura and Bara Mura. The highest peak of the state is Be-talang-Shiv (3,200 ft) in the Jampoi hill range.  A number of broad and elongated valleys - Agartala - Udaipur - Sabrum, Khowai - Teliamura - Amarpur - Silachari etc are located between the north-south trending, parallel to sub-parallel high ranges (topographic highs) such as the Baramura - Deotamura ranges, Atharamura ranges, Langtari ranges, Sakham ranges and the Jampui hill ranges.           

The soil in the valley is fertile with rich alluvial deposits and therefore suitable for the cultivation of paddy, jute, oilseeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables. About 54.5% of the land is under forest. Only about 24.3% area is available for agricultural use.

The Khowati, the Manu, the Haorah, the Muhuri and the Gomati are some important rivers of Tripura. Gomati is the largest river. 

The climate of the state is generally hot and humid. The average maximum temperature is 35oC in May-June and the average minimum temperature is 10.5oC in December-January. The average rainfall is around 230cm/annum.



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