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Geography of Odisha

Odisha can be divided into three major parts, the coastal plains, the middle mountainous country and the northwestern plateau. The coastal region varies in width except in the Ganjam district where the eastern hills attain their highest altitude at 1,500 metres. Mahanadi and its tributaries cross through this region and create a large delta, which is very fertile. The rivers bring enormous water and sometime cause dangerous floods. The mountainous portions of Odisha cover about three-fourth of entire state as per present configuration and hence determine the economic standard of the state. The Plateau are almost flat and the monotony of topography is interrupted by the deep river valleys. (Interactive map of Odisha)

Odisha has many rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and hills. The important peaks of the Odishan hills and mountains are Meghasan, Gandhamardan, Deomali, Sinkram, Malaygiri, Mankadnacha, Panchadhara,Srungaraj, Mahendragiri, Nimnagiri and Bakasham.

Out of the total area of Odisha, a little more than twenty percent is covered by forests of various types. There is the sal, piasal, sanghan, rosewood, ghambari, rosewood and haldi. Growth of the forests accounts for a widespread habitat for various species of wild animals. Tigers, leopards, wolves are found in almost all districts. Elephant is another wild animal for which Odisha is famous. Indigenous quail, hare and black partridges are found in scrub jungles. Peacocks, jungle fowls and wild ducks are also normally seen. In the creeks, crocodiles and alligators can be found. Fish of various kinds, prawns and oysters are found in the sea waters.



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