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Adventures and Sports in Odisha

Boat Rides

The lapping waters of lake Chilika offer excellent boating opportunities not just to cruise around the lake, but to investigate the islands, each of which has its individual charms. You can persuade the local boatmen to take you out in their unique wooden boats. The Satkosia gorge is one of the most enchanting places in the world and a boat ride is the perfect way of enjoying this enchantment. The sea and surf at Gopalpur-on-Sea are ideal for surfing and sailing in the Blue Bay back-waters.


The glorious countiyside with its emerald valleys and rolling hills is a trekker's dream. In the Gajapati district, the Mahendragiri hill region is full of wildlife, the forested trails offer new surprises at each turn, whether it is a pirouetting peacock or a gushing stream. The Mahendra Tanaya river is a deep-hued crystal mirroring the swaying trees, as it passes by shrines, temples and villages. In Balasore district, trekking through the Kuldiha jungle in Nilagiri is literally a wild experience where the forest cover is teemed with elephants, jungle cats and spotted deer.

Coastal Trekking

Odisha's coastal waters tend to be a bit unpredictable for hectic water sports, but the region can still be enjoyed through the unusual trekking itinerary devised for the area between Konark and Gopalpur-on-Sea, that extends over 160 km of dynamically varied terrain. The sand dunes, the estuaries, the swamps and the casuarina groves are invigorating and exciting treasure troves of adventure and fun. The teeming wildlife in the verdant countryside surrounding the coastal belt can.'bring its own delight with the sighting of black buck, or giant sea turtles or even cavorting dolphins in the channel waters, adding that extra zip to the tour.

Nature Tour

The exotic natural landscape has given refuge to all manner of birds and beasts in lakes, channels and forest lands. Tourists can take a tour to Gahirmatha, the largest nesting place in the world for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles who travel annually all the way from South America to lay their eggs. The mangrove islands also give cover to salt water crocodiles and all manner of birds and water fowls. Community nesting of birds and the captive crocodile breeding pools of the white crocodiles can be interesting sidelights. At the entrance of Similipal National Park, the Jashipur crocodile breeding centre is a great hit with the day trippers.


Nandankanan Zoo has been involved in the important business of conserving India's white tiger population. Visitors can now view the tigers from close quarters in the White Tiger Safari from specially created protected coaches. The Lion Safari was opened in 1984. Spread over 20 hectares of land in the boundary of the zoo's natural environment, the Lion Safari is the largest in the country. Visitors can view the animals from closed buses over three kilometres of winding road in the jungle.

Tribal Tour

Odisha's ancient past is closely integrated with its modern present and the most powerful symbol of her past is the state's tribal population. Odisha has 62 distinct tribal groups who continue to live in their traditional dwellings amongst the hills and forests and in a manner they have been accustomed with for centuries. A trip to the tribal areas can be an educative and exciting experience where you share the beauty of their usual customs for that brief moment in time.



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