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Adventures and Sports of Mizoram


This commercial town 192 km from Aizwal, Champai is a good base for trekkers, especially in the spring. The rhododendrons around the hills are especially beautiful. 5 km away is the traditional village of Mizos, Ruantlang, where age old traditional Mizo way of life is still preserved.


Known as the "Blue Mountain", it is the highest peak in Mizoram (7,100 feet above the mean sea level). The whole plateau is a garden of rhododendron skirted by beautiful trees and flowers of all colours and shapes. There are splendid views of the blue hazed hills and valleys. This spot is one of the most ideal place for the mountaineers.

Lunglei Town

Natural landscape, cool and pleasant climate, rich flora - all make this place a beautiful Hill- Station. The remains of the British Missionaries and the first church of Mizoram are found there. Nearby is a small lake.

Phawngpui National Park

The highest mount in the state situated at 2157 m above sea level. With an area of 3000 sq m, this park is rich in Flora and Fauna. Its' a home for Tigers, Sambar Deer, Hoolog Gibbon, Barking Deer, Bear, Serow and birds. It is ideal for trekking.



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