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Jharkhand Culture



The masks made in this state is very different from those made in the neighboring state of Bihar. The masks are rather primitive and fierce and represent what in India is known as tamasik, a manifestation of the moral elemental passions in which every bodily form as well as facial expression is highly exaggerated.

Wood Work

Jharkhand abounds in forests that have a variety of wood for producing several articles of household use. The wood craftspersons of this region carve various attractive articles like door panels, boxes and windows, wooden spoons etc. for household use.

Bamboo Craft

A very thin, flexible and strong variety of bamboo grows in the Jharkhand area. This bamboo lends itself to multifarious uses. Bamboo baskets, containers, hunting equipments and fishing gears are made using this bamboo.

Folk Painting

The Jharkhand area is famous for a special type of folk painting called the paitkar paintings. This form of painting is one of the earliest forms of tribal paintings in India. These paintings have a scrolling look and depicts life after death. However, due to lack of recognition and promotion, this type of painting is slowly facing extinction.

Toy Making

Toupadana near the capital city of Rnchi makes very unusual wooden toys that are completely abstract. They are just pieces of wood painted to look like human figures with angular lines but no separate limbs. Hands are indicated only by painting lines on the body. The toys are always in pairs -- man and woman waering different crowns, costumes and ornaments. they are breathlessly stunning and very original as they are different from any other doll.



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